Haere Mai Interview Booth

Hey! Thanks for dropping by, and welcome to the Haere Mai Interview Booth. You’re looking great. Take a seat, this will only take a moment. We’ve brought you here, because we thought you might want to share your travel experience within our incredible Wellington Region, and tell us what you believe are the best things to do in Wellington.

We’ve been digging up the south coast beaches, and chipping away at Wellington’s heritage homes for weeks now, and we can’t seem to find the words to sum it up. So we thought we’d ask you.

Do you have the urge?

If you’ve visited the Wellington Region recently — or indeed, you’re an actual, real-life Wellingtonian — then the Haere Mai Booth is bound (almost) to make you famous beyond your wildest dreams.

Can you be, Revealing?

However, we can’t just let every cyber-sword wielding character go all giddy-goddy-la-la on us, or we’d be overrun with lewd and libellous comments, causing us to pull the plug on this delightful tourist information resource.

Can you contain yourself?

So, please keep things clean, and consider our family audience who gather each Sunday afternoon beside their crackling fire and LCD monitors to catch up on the endless adventures of When in Wellington.

Once we’ve received your submission, we’ll call the crew and gather together in a sordid bar, where we’ll rigorously test it for authenticity, usability, reliability, readability, and any other words ending in ‘ity.

Then, when all is said and done (and drunk) we’ll display it on a page specifically certified for tourist-friendly Haere Mai Interviews. Go forth, Citizen of the World, and feedback your thoughts on our beloved, Wellington Region.