Buy Cheap Travel Insurance?

If you’re visiting Wellington from overseas, chances are you’re making your visit part of a round the world trip. High five! Group hug! Touch my bum! (Step too far?) OK, well the point is, we love to travel as much as the next person.

As for me, well I’ve traveled to many of the world’s most exciting places, which you can read all about on my blog, which — even if I do say so myself — is considered to be one of the best travel blogs on the internet, at least by my mum.

I won’t yarn on about it, for fear of boring myself. Suffice to say I’ve traveled to a fair few places. I’m a traveler. I travel around the world until I feel dizzy. Did I mention I like to travel? I love a good holiday, me.

Buy Good Travel Insurance

But this one time. (Not in band camp, but in Jakarta). I lost a neck wallet which contained my passport, wallet and every tangible piece of ID I had with me. I was basically stripped of my existence.

The home where I once sat in and ate beans on toast, while watching Little House on the Prairie, suddenly seemed like a distant world.

I made phone calls to Visa. To my embassy. To my various banks. I tried calling the Queen, but apparently, she was caught up watching Dickenson’s Real Deal with Phil.

Thankfully for me, I had good quality travel insurance. Read good, quality, travel insurance — not cheap travel insurance, which is likely to let you down in your hour of need.

World Nomads Promo Code

I was safe in the knowledge that once I’d paid a visit to the local police, and filled out wedges of paperwork, and photocopied each sheet forty-eight times (both sides) that I’d have the security of my insurance policy.

I used the World Nomads promotional code TRLANT to save myself 7% off the already reasonable price of their travel insurance policies. They covered individual items up to the value of £400 and along with my bank, HSBC they were comforting to deal with.

Without the travel insurance, I would have been facing a far tougher time. I wouldn’t have been able to claim anything, and let’s just say, a new passport is an expensive luxury these days.

So the moral of this tale is, I realized today that many of the readers of are travelling from lands far, far away. While traveling around the world is generally a safe adventure, things can turn sour quite quickly, so I implore you to take out travel insurance before you leave.

Simply put, it’s the most expensive thing you’ll (probably) never use. Nor see.

To that end, I can understand people’s trepidations about buying travel insurance. I’ve just heard far too many stories about things getting pinched, or broken, or worse, for me to take this subject lightly. The cost of travel insurance is neglible when compared to the average cost of medical procedures or replacing lost or stolen property.

Give your mother the peace of mind — do the right thing, and get good quality travel insurance cover before you leave.